Corporate Values

Our Name & What’s Behind Our Values

The name “Domogo” comes from the word “Domo” (meaning home in Esperanto) and “Go” as in action or constantly moving forward towards a goal. It is also an acronym for “DO MOre GOod”.

Striving to create “home” in every interaction, whether with a customer, staff member or beneficiary, is our secret sauce. It means that we should constantly strive to treat our staff and beneficiaries as equals to our customers which will, in turn, make the experience our customers receive from Domogo better than what could otherwise be created. When staff feel valued, cared for and genuinely looked after by the company they work for they naturally extend better service to those in their charge.

When customers are delivered services and goods from engaged and motivated staff then chances of achieving and increasing profitability are heightened.

When profits are delivered to beneficiaries in a way that respects them equally to customers then those profits will be used far more wisely through listening, engaging and serving instead of forcing an outside will upon them.

What is “Home” to Domogo? 

  • Providing Voice,
  • Nurturing Dignity
  • Expressing Warmth.
  • Ensuring Stability

Domogo Mission Statement

To create “home” in every encounter.

Domogo Vision Statement

We will eradicate homelessness through cyclical opportunities


Making it Home

Domogo Values & Principles:


Our definition of home is associated with aspects that go beyond the physical place a person inhabits, it is

an emotional attribute, a strong bond that we create with places, objects and the people who make us

safe and comfortable.


Our definition of dignity is to ensure that every encounter demonstrates our fierce commitment to ethical

treatment and the innate right to be valued.


Our definition of voice is to have a noticeable presence, to exist. We will enable that voice by cultivating an

environment of safety.


Our definition of warmth is how we make those interacting with us feel at every point of contact.


Our definition of stability is our unwavering desire to make our offering the best it can be.

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