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What is a Domogo?

The name “Domogo” comes from the word “Domo” (meaning home in Esperanto) and “Go” as in action or constantly moving forward towards a goal. It is also an acronym for “DO MOre GOod”. For us, Domogo is the action of doing good while creating “home” for those we encounter. 

What’s Domogo’s Mission?

To create “home” in every encounter is our singular point of focus. Everything we do will be centered on the concept that if we strive to create “home” both physically and figuratively then our outcome, service experience and our work environment will be handled with the utmost care and attention.

What’s Domogo’s Vision?

To eradicate homelessness through cyclical opportunities.  

There was a lot of discussion and trepidation among our founders when settling on our vision. Eradicating homelessness is something that many feel is impossible to achieve as an entire society, so of course a lot of people will deem the statement as being absurd coming from a small organisation just founding itself. However, we must think of the Domogo that will exist 50 years, 100 years and perhaps even 200 years from now, not just the Domogo of today. We want our successors to understand that Domogo’s work isn’t complete until we’ve achieved our vision; no matter if our work is being performed by a team of 20 or 200,000 staff, Domogo must remain fixed on its  target.

How does Domogo intend to get funding to fulfill its vision?

We are starting off as a series of real estate brokerage companies in South Eastern China. We are also in the process of defining licensing and franchising for Domogo Real Estate agencies to be opened around the globe.

As time and resources allow, we will be setting up additional yet related product and service companies such as lease management, real estate marketing, furniture and decor sales etc… If we are to create ways for our beneficiaries to be trained to work for, manage or own Domogo businesses and franchises than we will have to create channels for this to happen that can extend into 3rd world rural areas as well as 1st world urban centers.

How do the founders know each other?

We all worked together and became friends. Three of our founders volunteer at Domogo while still employed elsewhere and our other founders are working full time for Domogo.

Why is Domogo waiting until September 2015 to become fully transparent?

Domogo will be fully staffed from September and it will take us sometime to implement all of the steps necessary to become genuinely transparent.

Domogo seems to make a lot of claims from battling homelessness to being transparent and mostly decentralized etc…, how will it actually be able to fulfill those claims?

There are two answers to this question depending on the amount of crowd support Domogo receives:

  1. Domogo without crowd support will grow as a small organisation trying to make a regional name for itself. We will fiercely take on the regional market while preparing our brand to be licensed and franchised. We already have the experience and means to do this without additional outside support. In regards to our social outcome, we will be battling homelessness through profits which will be used for research, housing construction and community building. We will grow just like any other company or cause. We will still fulfill our claims of full transparency, founder earnings caps, placing our beneficiaries in management and ownership positions and ultimately striving to grow Domogo towards its vision.
  1. Domogo with crowd support can become something truly amazing much faster than we can achieve on our own. A mostly decentralised powerhouse that pulls profits out of the real estate industry as a whole and uses those funds to empower the impoverished and homeless globally. We will grow just like any other company or cause.  We will still fulfill our claims of full transparency, founder earnings caps, placing our beneficiaries in management and ownership positions and ultimately striving to grow Domogo towards its vision.

We will be committed to the business and cause regardless of Domogo’s size and scope. We are in love with its philosophy of transparency, of hacking the housing industry into a force for good, of striving to offer our staff an amazing place to work that serves them and offers them purpose and of creating best of class services and products that our clients can feel good about purchasing. All the while, getting to lead lives we are excited about leading. Fulfillment of our claims becomes a natural extension of the will and desire held by at least our own team and hopefully many many others.


Why does Domogo keep saying “Mostly” Decentralized?

Because, as of today, we are unsure of a way to make it 100% decentralized while ensuring Domogo’s cause and purpose never changes, that it can be properly managed as a company and that it can be protected from corruption.

We would love to hear solutions from the community that would allow true decentralization to legally happen while meeting the following requirements:

  1. Domogo’s vision could never legally change (unless homelessness is eradicated)
  2. Domogo must always remain fully transparent financially and operationally
  3. Domogo’s profits must go to its vision/cause
  4. Domogo must ensure that any owners or shareholders’ earnings are capped to reasonable salaries
  5. Domogo must be able to function as a competitive company. i.e. there must be someone to lead the organisation, there must be checks and balances in place to protect against corruption, there must be a knowledgeable and experienced board etc…

Without being certain that we can ensure all of the above, we think the alternative is spreading ownership broadly enough that we achieve the same basic goal of decentralization ( i.e. a few corrupt individuals can’t hijack Domogo for their own purposes or wealth), thus we say mostly decentralised.

If a concept is suggested that enables us to achieve 100% decentralisation while ensuring the five points above, we will happily use it.


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