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Domogo is seeking to fund the eradication of homelessness by building a social brand that deals in home services and products.

The concept differs from standard corporations and social enterprises in several critical ways:

1. Transparency

By September 2015, we will be fully financially and operationally transparent. From open financial books to live streamed board meetings, we are aiming to set a precedent in corporate and social transparency. In the meantime, we will be continuously posting updates on our progress, marketing strategies and overall development.

2. Owner or Shareholder Salary Caps

All owners and shareholders of Domogo will have total possible earnings contractually capped to reasonable salaries. To make a company competitive you must be able to offer market rate compensation to high level talent but we are not the talent we are only the founders. Owner/Shareholder earnings will always remain capped but we will allow the market to determine the fair rate for senior level staff in non ownership positions.

3. Engagement

We will be opening up every major step we take to public scrutiny and more importantly, involvement. We want to be the first real estate brokerage franchise that is community guided in all its foundational elements.

4. Decentralization

We are starting an open dialogue that will be used to determine the most feasible and economically sound method of spreading ownership of Domogo in a way that will keep it as free as is possible from greed and corruption. Our board will eventually consist of founders, expert volunteers and crowd voting. The determination of the spread of ownership to best realize decentralization will be a conversation open to anyone wishing to participate.

Our starting point is real estate brokerage services which will serve as the financial engine that drives the organisation as a whole. Success in the real estate brokerage market will see Domogo systematically spread throughout the real estate industry and home products markets.

Domogo’s profits will be used to build cyclical opportunities that battle homelessness and raise beneficiaries permanently out of poverty. In as many cases as will be possible, Domogo agencies and business will train those we are seeking to assist so as to place them as owners or managers of branches and offshoots.

We are not aiming to be saints, nor are we experts in everything we are trying to achieve. We are a group of experienced professionals who started off as associates then developed into friends. Through our conversations and debates we’ve determined that we could either earn a living making profits solely for a few shareholders or we could do the same work earning profits for people who are not afforded opportunity. This has proven a simple choice.

We are not disenfranchised; we are not striving to start a revolution; we are simply establishing the lives we wish to lead and know we would very much enjoy getting to help others do so as well.

We’ve been developing and testing a simple business model that focuses on intense customer service and loyalty to staff. We are now in the process of iteration and making the model replicable.

In our current state of employees and volunteers, we can either continue plans to grow regionally, or we can open up, let go of ego and invite mass participation, criticism and involvement. In our estimation, we are at a lucky and perhaps critical point in history where there are enough people hungry for an honest, truly transparent and simple solution to major problems such as homelessness, poverty, the wealth gap etc… who also have enough ability to share and desiminate information so as to make an idea like Domogo possible.

In light of that estimation, we are making a commitment to anyone reading that we will serve as custodians of Domogo’s business operations for only as long as is needed. If a community will rally around Domogo and assist us in putting in enough safety checks to ensure that Domogo’s purpose will never falter nor fall back into a profit for profit’s sake organisation, then we will place our positions on the business board and as owners of the brand into the hands of those the community feels best suited to ensure its success and continued impact.

Some may wonder, as would I, why a group of people would set up a business and then willingly walk away from it after it became successful if requested to do so.

What do we get out of this?

  • Reasonable earnings or salary
  • The opportunity to lead a life of purpose and passion
  • A chance to leave a legacy
  • Hopefully enough earned public trust that after we fulfill our promises,
    we will be afforded opportunity to do it all again with another model.

Although, we have a fierce determination to make Domogo successful in any of its possible states, we have an inner hope that it can become larger than us; that it can become evidence that shows we as a society can use social enterprise and charitable business to not only create good but also aim to take over entire industries, reinventing them to serve our world and promote social justice.

Through a fortnightly newsletter, podcasts and videos we will be diving into our model and then asking you the community to use your expertise and knowledge to help us work out the flaws and polish it into something that can work for and belong to all of us.

If you have a question that you feel should be addressed right way, contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If we do not have an answer, and in many cases we will not, then we will tell you how we plan to go about getting the answer.

With every purchase we make, we can determine by whom and how the world should be run. That’s why this project is important. Please join us in setting up something truly worthwhile that allows each of us to make purchases and use services that benefit the world rather than a few owners or shareholders.

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