The Concept of Domogo

Why can’t a real estate brokerage service put an end to homelessness? Why can’t a sofa manufacturer fight poverty? Why can’t a real estate development company ensure a child has clean drinking water and the funds to go to school?   

The simple fact is they can if we are willing to let go of greed and ego.

Domogo is being founded out of an unwillingness to accept that so many fellow humans are left homeless or living in dire poverty while corporate greed and opulent behavior wins the day. 

We are setting out on a long term mission to create corporations that are community led, fully transparent and mostly decentralized forces for good.

This is our starting point and a social experiment of sorts that’s ready to be publicly honed into something bigger and better than what we could ever achieve on our own.

We believe Domogo to be an extremely simply solution to funding developments in the battle against homelessness and poverty but we need your input, your advice and your capacity to spread information.

The Domogo model seeks to:

  • Use profits from domestic goods and services to fund the battle against homelessness and poverty (starting with real estate brokerage services)  
  • Ensure no owners or shareholders of the entities can profit beyond reasonable salaries
  • Ensure complete operational and financial transparency
  • Ensure that funds are being used not only on the social outcome but also to scale and fund research
  • Invite expert and crowd participation while decentralizing ownership as much as possible without the model collapsing into chaos or funds into misuse.

Domogo’s vision is to eradicate homelessness. To achieve that, massive amounts of funds must be put into poverty elimination, community development and infrastructure, job creation, mental health initiatives, healthcare, education, diplomacy etc… It feels insurmountable but we refuse to accept that its impossible.

We are beginning as a small series of real estate agencies based in China with offices soon to open in Nanjing, Suzhou and Shanghai. We will use initial real estate brokerage fees to fund the establishment of  Domogo into a franchisable entity that can be replicated anywhere that real estate is being sold or rented.

What makes Domogo unique is that we are not seeking permanent ownership of the franchise. Starting in September of 2015, we will fully expose Domogo operations to the public from open board meetings videoed and stored online to full financial transparency. Our board will be a mix of founders, experts and “the crowd” which means anyone wishing to participate can have influence on how Domogo operates.

Although opening our business plans, strategy, marketing initiatives etc… to the general public means, in the short term, our competitors can see us coming in every instance, we believe in the long term this will force our competitors to become better companies or become obsolete. It also means that Domogo will have to offer best of class services and products to overcome the disadvantage of being fully exposed to our rivals. This will only serve to create better products for customers and better outcomes for our societies

We’ve a long road ahead of us but its an exciting one that you can be a part of!

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